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Pre-Owned Vapor Degreasing Equipment

Searching for the Right Vapor Degreasing Unit?
Here is how we can help...

 Assistance in determining the appropriate degreasing equipment

If you are uncertain as to the type of equipment and what features are most appropriate for your application, our experts would be pleased to discuss your application and objectives with you.

 Assistance in locating the right equipment

If you are looking for a particular manufacturer's degreasing equipment which we do not currently have in stock or a particular feature is missing from a equipment in stock, given our extensive network of industry contacts, it is likely we will be able to source the vapor degreasing equipment you desire or suggest a similar unit in terms of cleaning performance and throughput.

 Many units are not posted on our website

This site contains a partial listing of our inventory.  Many units, including those which are recently received are not listed.  If you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call, it may already be in stock.

 We carry replacement parts

Because we refurbish all of our units, we have created a large inventory of replacement parts for all makes and models. We also have equipment such as solvent transfer pumps, chillers, and stainless steel baskets. If you need a replacement part or would like to have a spare part on hand, please contact our technical service representatives.