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ULTRA™: A comprehensive line of Vapor Degreasing Systems

considered to be the "Practical Best" combination of features with automated basket handling capability.

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ULTRA 1212LE-2216LE-2424LE
ULTRA SERIES Vapor Degreasers
Model 2012LE with BHE Lift - Lid Closed
ULTRA 2012LE-PanelOpen
2012LE with Electrical Panel Open
2216LE with 2 position BHS Lift
ULTRA 2216LE-2424LE
2216LE and 2424LE
ULTRA 2216LE-2424LE
ULTRA 2216LE with Ground Load Basket Handling System
DS-60-W Distillation System

At Reliance, we go the extra mile to match you with the right vapor degreasing equipment and cleaning process for your application.

Reliance Specialty Products, Inc.: The Experts in Vapor Degreasing & Solvent Cleaning

Reliance Specialty Products provides a comprehensive approach to supporting our customers' vapor degreasing operation. The hallmarks of our Reliance ULTRA™ Vapor Degreasing Equipment line are simplicity, quality and reliability. Supported by our expertise as a manufacturer of solvents and many years of successfully supporting customers in achieving their critical cleaning objectives across a broad range of applications.

Reliance Specialty Products is staffed by solvent cleaning and vapor degreasing experts with extensive experience in the operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of most makes of vapor degreasers. We go the extra mile to match you with the right vapor degreasing equipment, solvent and cleaning process for your application.

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We are staffed by solvent cleaning & vapor degreasing experts ready, willing and able to help you with your cleaning needs.

ULTRA™ SERIES Low Emission Vapor Degreasers - Manufactured by Reliance in the USA

Our ULTRA™ Series Vapor Degreasers are what we consider to be the "Practical Best" combination of features:

  • NESHAP Compliant Features that minimize worker solvent exposure and enhance solvent containment;
  • Optional PLC Basket Handling Systems - to minimize worker solvent exposure, save on labor costs and provide consistency in the processing of parts;
  • Customizable with immersion, vapor, vapor with spray, and ultrasonics;
  • Simple engineering and stoutness of design for durability, field supportability and ease-of-maintenance;
  • Excellent training for engineering design, start-up, shut down, maintenance and good solvent cleaning work practices that enhance your understanding of our equipment and ensure that your ULTRA™ Series vapor degreaser will be a valuable and effective part of your solvent cleaning operations;
  • Easy to support in the field with accessible heating elements, replaceable ultrasonics, clear Watlow temperature read-outs, sophisticated indicator light system, simple to trouble-shoot electrical systems and updated refrigeration systems using widely available standard refrigerant.
Our ULTRA™ Series Vapor Degreasers are what we consider to be the "Practical Best" combination of features.

Vapor Degreasing 101

Vapor Degreasing is a powerful, efficient cleaning and degreasing process that in a matter of seconds removes contaminants like machining oils, cutting fluids, waxes, flux, and many more via "solvent cleaning". Many industries from electronics firms to aerospace companies to metal fabricators use vapor degreasing to precision clean metal and machined parts. Because of the comprehensive and fast cleaning capability combined with no need for rinsing and drying - vapor degreasing is a valuable part of any manufacturing line.

Reliance Manufactures Vapor Degreasing Solvents as Part of Our Comprehensive Vapor Degreasing Offering

Our experts will be happy to discuss your cleaning objectives and assist you in selecting a vapor degreaser suitable to your application, cleaning objectives, through-put requirements, and your budget.

  • Outstanding 200ppm (8hr avg.) workplace exposure based on OSHA OEL & US-EPA recommendations for product components
  • All components US EPA SNAP approved for use in precision electronics & metal cleaning, cold cleaning & carrier applications
  • Excellent direct nPB / TCE / PERC / MC / AK-225 replacement
  • Extended performance and longer bath life
  • Improved workplace safety
  • Suitable for use with existing equipment
  • Improved chemistry eliminates likelihood of acidity
  • Replaces HCFC

AeroTron Solvent

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Our Vapor Degreasing solvents are manufactured to exacting standards to ensure long bath life and quality cleaning.

High-Tech Companies from AeroSpace to Electronics Trust Our Competence

Reliance is a team of smart people with practical solutions for a wide variety of industries. Over the years, we have helped optimize a variety of unique situations from removing non-destructive test (NDT) penetrant to building three identical vapor degreasers for an aerospace company's new production facility. We are certain that your company, as our current customers attest, will find Reliance to be an adept technical resource and partner in your company's success.

We understand the complex cleaning needs of high-tech companies.

Renting a Vapor Degreaser Might Be a Better Choice

If purchasing a vapor degreaser is not possible at this time or you have a short-term need, renting a vapor degreaser is worth considering. Find out more about our fleet of vapor degreasers with or without automation.

Rent or Buy?
We have a fleet of vapor degreasers with or without automated lifts ready to go.

Reliance Also Carries Pre-Owned Vapor Degreasers

We have an extensive inventory of pre-owned vapor degreasing units on hand by leading manufacturers, such as Baron Blakeslee, Finishing Equipment, and Branson.

Pre-owned degreasing equipment
We have refurbished hundreds of models of vapor degreasers, from B452Rs to MLR120s to DP-8s.

Replace Your Old Vapor Degreaser Unit

Pre-owned degreasing equipment

Because of our years of refurbishing and working with every type of vapor degreaser unit and manufacturer, we understand what features work and which ones do not. We have created the ULTRA vapor degreaser series to be an amalgamation of the "practical best" features for productivity, field maintenance ease and worker safety.

The ULTRA vapor degreaser will be a powerful upgrade to your current unit enabling you to use the new generation solvents.

Test Part Cleaning

test part cleaning

To ensure your parts are cleaned to your specifications, we offer a test parts cleaning service where we will clean your parts in our Vapor Degreasing Verification Laboratory to assess performance, test various Reliance cleaning solutions and determine the optimal necessary process steps to achieve cleanliness. This is a very valuable process that will give you significant information regarding your cleaning process possibilities.

Our test part validation service is an exceptional value to ensure your parts are cleaned to your specification.

Let Our Experts Assist You In Your Project

Reliance Specialty Products' core business is vapor degreasing solvent cleaning. We research, develop, manufacture, and expertly support advanced solvent cleaning products and metal finishing products. We manufacture vapor degreasing solvents and low-emission NESHAP Compliant vapor degreasing equipment that provide years of quality, reliability and productivity.

  • Ready to Help
  • Responsive
  • Reliable
We are leaders in Comprehensive Vapor Degreasing Training, Maintenance and Solvent Cleaning Work Practices.
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