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State of the Art Vapor Degreasing Systems

ULTRA™: A comprehensive line of Vapor Degreasing Systems considered to be the "Practical Best" combination of features with automated basket handling capability.

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  • Group-1212LE-2216LE-2424LE

    ULTRA SERIES Vapor Degreasers

  • 2012LE with BHE Lift - Lid Closed

    Model 2012LE with BHE Lift - Lid Closed

  • 2012LE with Electrical Panel Open

    2012LE with Electrical Panel Open

  • 2216LE with 2 position BHS Lift  - Angle View

    2216LE with 2 position BHS Lift

  • 2216LE and 2424LE - full insulation

    2216LE and 2424LE

  • 2216LE with Ground Load Basket Handling System

    ULTRA2216LE with Ground Load Basket Handling System

  • DS-60-W Distillation System

    DS-60-W Distillation System

Reliance Specialty Products, Inc.: The Experts in Vapor Degreasing & Solvent Cleaning

Reliance Specialty Products provides a comprehensive approach to supporting our customers' vapor degreasing operation. The hallmark of our Reliance Ultra Vapor Degreasing Equipment line is simplicity, quality and reliability. Supported by our expertise in solvents as a manufacturer and many years of successfully supporting customers' in achieving their critical cleaning objectives across a broad range of applications.

Our Vapor Degreasing Equipment Division is staffed by solvent cleaning and vapor degreasing experts with extensive experience in the operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of most makes of vapor degreasers. We go the extra mile to match you with the right vapor degreasing equipment, solvent and cleaning process for your application.

ULTRA SERIES Vapor Degreasers - Manufactured by Reliance in the USA

Our ULTRA Series Vapor Degreasers are what we consider to be the "Practical Best" combination of features:

Leaders in Comprehensive Vapor Degreasing Training, Maintenance and Solvent Cleaning Work Practices

Reliance maintains a vapor degreasing laboratory with vapor degreasing units constantly in operation to facilitate test cleaning part visits, training and part cleaning optimization. Please contact us or give us a call at 847.640.8923 to schedule a visit to see the power of the ULTRA series vapor degreaser for test part cleaning, or solvent cleaning work practice training.

Compatible with Many Industrial Solvents


Our solvent cleaning vapor degreasers effectively work with a variety of industrial solvents including, fluorinated-based, chlorinated-based, and nPB-based degreasers and cleaners.

Let Our Experts Assist You In Your Project

Our experts will be happy to discuss your cleaning objectives and assist you in selecting a vapor degreaser suitable to your application, cleaning objectives, through-put requirements, and your budget. Please contact us or give us a call at 847.640.8923.